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Migrating from Xajax to Jaxon

Although the Jaxon library has undergone many changes, the Response class, which is involved in most of the code written in a Jaxon application, has not changed. This makes the migration of existing applications easier.

Here are the steps to migrate from a previous version of Xajax to Jaxon.

  1. Make sure that the application does not use one of the classes that were deprecated.
  2. Install the jaxon-core package with Composer and load the autoloader in the application.
  3. Access to the main object with $jaxon = jaxon(), and get response objects by instanciating the Jaxon\Response\Response class.
  4. Set the new configuration options with calls to $jaxon->setOption(), especially the core.request.uri and core.language options which replace the $sRequestURI and $sLanguage parameters of the xajax class constructor.
  5. Insert javascript and CSS code in the HTML page with calls to $jaxon->getCss(), $jaxon->getJs() and $jaxon->getScript().

These steps are sufficient to execute an existing application with the new version of the library. To take full advantage of the new features, the following optional steps can be performed.

  • Group configuration options of Jaxon library in a configuration file, and load it.
  • Move Jaxon application classes in a directory, give them a namespace, and export the directory contents.
  • Use one or more plugins, installing them with Composer.
  • Load the javascript library files from the jsDelivr CDN.

Read the New features, Evolved features and Deprecated features pages to learn more about the differences between Xajax and Jaxon.

The following table shows the correspondances between the old and new names of options.

Previous Current Comment
language core.language
version core.version
characterEncoding core.encoding
decodeUTF8Input core.decode_utf8
requestURI core.request.uri
defaultMode core.request.mode
defaultMethod core.request.method
wrapperPrefix core.prefix.function A former option is covered by two new
wrapperPrefix core.prefix.class A former option is covered by two new
eventPrefix core.prefix.event
responseType deprecated The response type is always JSON
contentType deprecated The content type is always JSON
outputEntities deprecated
cleanBuffer core.process.clean
exitAllowed core.process.exit
timeout core.process.timeout
errorHandler core.error.handle
logFile core.error.log_file
debug core.debug.on
verboseDebug core.debug.verbose
debugOutputID js.lib.output_id
responseQueueSize js.lib.queue_size
scriptLoadTimeout js.lib.load_timeout Supprimé dans la version 2
waitCursor js.lib.show_cursor
statusMessages js.lib.show_status
javascript URI js.lib.uri A former option is covered by two new
javascript URI A former option is covered by two new
javascript Dir
javascript files deprecated
useUncompressedScripts deprecated
deferScriptGeneration A former option is covered by two new
deferScriptGeneration A former option is covered by two new
deferScriptValidateHash deprecated