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A PHP library for Ajax

Jaxon is an open source PHP library for easily creating Ajax web applications. It's a fork of the Xajax library.

It allows into a web page to make direct Ajax calls to PHP classes that will in turn update its content, without reloading the entire page.

Export your PHP classes to javascript.


Make Ajax calls to your PHP classes.


Build your page on server side with PHP.


New package: Jaxon Adminer

Jaxon Adminer is a database management tool that is inserted in a page of an existing PHP application, instead of being installed like phpMyAdmin or Adminer.

It is based on Adminer, and then will provide the same features.
  • Supports multiple database drivers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more).
  • Provides CRUD operations, import and export on databases.
Jaxon Adminer

Fork of the Xajax library

Jaxon inherits the functions of one of the most brilliant libraries to create Ajax applications with PHP.

Many new functionalities

Jaxon is enriched with new features, and easily integrates with existing PHP frameworks.

Modular and extensible

Jaxon is composed of a PHP package, a Javascript package, and many plugins to add more features.

Clean and modern code

Jaxon makes the most of the best features of PHP, and is compatible with the latest PHP versions.

Jaxon is extensible

Jaxon features can be enriched and extended using 3 types of extensions.


Plugins extend the web page content definition features of Jaxon, by allowing different or more complex operations than those provided by the library. They can use a third party javascript library for this purpose.

Jaxon includes a jQuery plugin, and there is a Dialogs plugin which displays windows and messages.

Read the documentation


These extensions make it easy to use Jaxon with PHP frameworks and CMS. They allow Jaxon to integrate the framework features for configuration, templating, sessions, and even dependency injection.

Integration plugins exist for many frameworks, including Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter and CakePHP.

Read the documentation


Packages are a unique and original feature of Jaxon. They are full featured web applications but instead of being installed on a server, they are inserted into an existing PHP application.

The Jaxon Adminer db manager and the Supervisor dashboard are two examples of Jaxon packages.

Read the documentation