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A PHP library for Ajax

Jaxon is an open source PHP library for easily creating Ajax web applications. It's a fork of the Xajax library.

It allows into a web page to make direct Ajax calls to PHP classes that will in turn update its content, without reloading the entire page.

Jaxon implements a complete set of functions to define the contents and properties of the web page from PHP. Several plugins exist to extend its functionalities and provide integration with various PHP frameworks.

Compared to Xajax, Jaxon is easier to use, it provides more functionalities, and it is more efficient. It also works with the latest PHP versions.

How does Jaxon work

Export PHP classes to javascript.

// Bootstrap the library and register classes
// Get a request to a Jaxon class
$c = jaxon()->request('My\\Namespace\\My\\Class');
Call PHP classes using the generated javascript code.

<!-- Call the PHP class from the browser using Ajax -->
<button onclick="<?php echo $c->myMethod() ?>" />

Fork of the Xajax library

Jaxon inherits the functions of one of the most brilliant libraries to create Ajax applications with PHP.

Many new functionalities

Jaxon is enriched with new features, and easily integrates with existing PHP frameworks.

Modular and extensible

Jaxon is composed of a PHP package, a Javascript package, and many plugins to add more features.

Clean and modern code

Jaxon makes the most of the best features of PHP, and is compatible with the latest PHP versions.


Many plugins integrate the library with common PHP frameworks.

The Laravel framework

The Symfony framework

The Zend framework

The CodeIgniter framework

The Yii framework

The CakePHP framework