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The sessions

Armada provides a simple API for sessions management.

The implementation

The current session management implementation in Armada uses the aura/session package. However, since this package can be changed, it is not recommended to make direct calls to its functions.

The configuration

The app.sessions section of the Armada configuration file contains the sessions configuration options.

The app.sessions.driver option indicates how the session data are stored. It currently accepts only one value, cookies, which is also its default value.

The usage and the API

In a class of an Armada application, the session() method returns the session manager.

    $sessionId = $this->session()->getId();

The following methods are available.

  • Get the current session id.
    public function getId()
  • Generate a new session id.
    public function newId($bDeleteData = false)
  • Save data in the session.
    public function set($sKey, $xValue)
  • Save data in the session, that will be available only until the next request.
    public function flash($sKey, $xValue)
  • Check if a session key exists.
    public function has($sKey)
  • Get data from the session.
    public function get($sKey, $xDefault = null)
  • Get all data in the session.
    public function all()
  • Delete a session key and its data.
    public function delete($sKey)
  • Delete all data in the session.
    public function clear()
  • Delete the session and all its data.
    public function destroy()