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New features

Exporting directories

The most important new feature in Jaxon is the ability to export in a few lines and recursively all the classes in a directory, possibly with a namespace.

The naming of generated javascript classes respects the hierarchy of directories, and takes into account the associated namespace when there is one.

Optimized processing

By default, all the classes registered with the Jaxon library are instanciated anytime a request is processed.

When classes are exported from a directory, the Jaxon library can be optimized to load only the class that was called. Other classes can also be instanciated later, thus avoiding to create objects that will never be used.

Configuration files

The Jaxon library can load its configuration settings from a file. Supported formats are JSON, YAML and PHP (the file contains code that returns an array).


The Jaxon library provides a pagination feature, which allows to simply create a list of links that call the same Jaxon function, but with different page numbers.

Composer packages

The Jaxon library is composed of a core PHP package and a pure javascript package installed on the jsDeliver CDN. Each plugin is provided in a separated PHP package.

All the PHP packages are namespaced, install with Composer, and use the PSR-4 autoloading.

Code quality

The Jaxon library is compatible with the latest PHP versions, from 5.4 to 7.*. It makes the most of the best features of the language, and its code is clean and well-documented.

Starting from version 2, the library is tested on Github with Travis CI (work in progress).