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New features in version 4

More PSR standards support

Jaxon now supports the HTTP Message Interface (PSR-7), HTTP Handlers (PSR-15), and HTTP Factories (PSR-17) standards.

The annotations

The configuration options of some features that are implemented in Jaxon classes can now be defined directly in these classes, using annotations.

The Jaxon Upload package

The uploaded files can now be saved to various storage systems, thanks to the Flysystem package.

The upload feature is also moved to the jaxon-upload package, and disabled by default.

The Jaxon Utils package

The utilities features (config, templates, translations) are now moved to the Jaxon Utils package.

The Jaxon Core package only implements features related to registering and processing Ajax requests.

The extensions

The architecture of request plugins, integration plugins and dialog plugins has seen many improvements. They are now easier to create and maintain.

Global functions

In order to avoid potential conflicts with other libraries, global functions have all been moved to the Jaxon\ namespace.