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Modularity and extensibility

The packages

The Jaxon library is composed of a pure javascript package and several PHP packages.

The javascript package jaxon-js contains the code that manages requests and responses in the browser. By default, the javascript library files are loaded from the jsDelivr CDN. They are also installed on a public server, which supports the http and https protocols, and which is used by setting the configuration option js.lib.uri to It is also possible to install them on a private server, in which case the js.lib.uri configuration option must be updated accordingly.

The PHP package jaxon-core contains the code that manages requests and responses on the server.

These two packages are required to run a Jaxon application. They can be supplemented by many other plugins that add functionality to the Jaxon library, or allow it to easily integrate with popular PHP frameworks or CMS.

Namespaces and Composer

All PHP packages composing the Jaxon library are namespaced, install with Composer, and use the PSR-4 autoloading. The namespace of the jaxon-core package is Jaxon.

The installation and use of the library are much simpler.