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Response Plugin

This example shows the use of Jaxon response plugins, by adding javascript notifications and modal windows to the Hello World Class example with the jaxon-bootbox plugin.

Using a Jaxon plugin is very simple. After a plugin is installed with Composer, its automatically registers into the Jaxon core library. It can then be accessed in the Jaxon response object, to provide its functionalities to the application.

How it works

Install the Dialog plugin with Composer.

"require": {
    "jaxon-php/jaxon-dialogs": "2.0.*"

Register the class defined here with Jaxon. This class uses the Dialog plugin to show notifications and a modal window.

use Jaxon\Jaxon;

$jaxon = jaxon();

// Register object
$jaxon->register(Jaxon::CALLABLE_OBJECT, new HelloWorld());

// Process the request, if any.

Call the exported classe from javascript.

<!-- Select -->
<select id="colorselect" onchange="<?php echo rq()->call('HelloWorld.setColor', rq()->select('colorselect')) ?>">
    <option value="black" selected="selected">Black</option>
    <option value="red">Red</option>
    <option value="green">Green</option>
    <option value="blue">Blue</option>
<!-- Buttons -->
<button onclick="<?php echo rq()->call('HelloWorld.sayHello', 0) ?>">Click Me</button>
<button onclick="<?php echo rq()->call('HelloWorld.sayHello', 1) ?>">CLICK ME</button>
<button onclick="<?php echo rq()->call('HelloWorld.showDialog') ?>">Show Dialog</button>