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Using a Third Party Autoloader

In this example the autoloading is disabled in the Jaxon library, and a third-party autoloader is used to load the Jaxon classes.

The directories registered with Jaxon are also registered with the autoloader. The one used here is Keradus.

How it works

Disable autoloading in the Jaxon library, and declare namespaces with the autoloader. Register the classes in the namespaces defined here with Jaxon.

$jaxon = jaxon();

// Disable autoload

// Register the namespaces with a third-party autoloader
$loader = new Keradus\Psr4Autoloader;
$loader->addNamespace('App', '/jaxon/class/dir/app');
$loader->addNamespace('Ext', '/jaxon/class/dir/ext');

// Add class dirs with namespaces
$jaxon->addClassDir('/jaxon/class/dir/app', 'App');
$jaxon->addClassDir('/jaxon/class/dir/ext', 'Ext');

// Check if there is a request.
    // When processing a request, the required class will be autoloaded
    // The Jaxon objects are registered only when the page is generated